A gorgeous intimate wedding at Lincoln’s Judge’s Lodgings

Jane and I only spoke at The Bailgate wedding fayre and produced a quick sketch of the layout and confirmed details by email. She was happy to leave the designing to me with colour and main flowers being guided by her.

The ceremony table at The Judge’s Lodgings sits in front of the doors out to the garden and is a lovely space to say your vows.

Jane wanted a design to fill the front of the table in her choice of colours, burgundy and ivory that included roses. To fill ot the design I also added campanula, astilbe and stallion chrysants with a mix of foliage.

Wedding ceremony display of red and burgundy roses, ivory astilbe, campanula and stallion chrysants

In each of the 3 windows we had a pedestal design on a hired white stand in a mix of roses, delphiniums, campanula, carnaions, alstroemeria and chrysants and various foliage. These would be taken into the reception room while the happy couple posed for photos.

Pedestal arrangement with burgundy roses,chrysants, and carnations with ivory roses, delphiniums and campanula with mixed foliage Burgundy and ivory pedestal arrangement

The ceremony room at The Judge’s Lodgings with chair covers and sashes by Emma Louise at Elegant Touches.

Ceremony room at The Judge's Lodgings with 3 pedestals in the windowsCeremony room set up with chairs with burgundy sashes in foreground, pedestals in the windows and ceremony table plus display in the background

Judge's Lodgings set up for a wedding with chairs and burgundy sashes in the front and ceremony table and display at the backWedding ceremony chairs with burgundy sashes and a single ivory rose

In each of the chair sashes Jane asked if I could attach a single ivory rose with a diamante pin in the centre.

Chair sash bow with a single ivory rose and diamanteI

In the wedding breakfast room there is this gorgeous ornate side table which was adorned by its own long and low design to match the ceremony table.

Long and low flower design in burgundy and ivory on an ornate side table

The Wedding breakfast table. Everyone was to be seated around one long table and Jane asked for the central space to be filled with flowers. She also liked the candelabra I had at the wedding fayre and so we added two of these to the table design.

The crystal gem chimney candelabras had ivy running up the stand and onto the arms so they blended in with the long design. On each of the four arms hung a single red Naomi rose with a crystal diamante pin hung from differing lengths of crystal beads.

Long table set up for a wedding breakfast with a central display of burgundy and ivory flowers and two crystal chimney candelabras A crystal gem chimney candelabra with ivy and roses hanging off the arms on a length of crystal beads. Part of the longer table flower displayView of the wedding breakfast table from the head setting with the crystal gem chimney candelabraWedding breakfast table all set up with a long central flower display

The central flower display was made to match the other long and low designs and were made in separate lengths, each a design in itself as all the flowers were to be given away as gifts to special guests.

The chairs would be brought in from the ceremony room while photos were taken outside.

Jane’s comments after the wedding:

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for your good wishes.The day was everything we wanted it to be.
Thank you for the amazing flowers I could not have asked for more,they were beautiful and the guests and Les and I were overwhelmed with your work.
Thank you for making our day perfect and creating our memories.Not bad,look what we achieved with 1 drawing and 1 conversation.

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