Pink and ivory bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets

A brides hand tie posy design of pale and darker pink and ivory roses with a collar of gyp

Brides Hand tie posy

Jennifer’s wedding last May was a very local affair, getting married in the local church and a marquee reception in the same village.

Her colour scheme was a mix of pinks, green and ivory but wanting to keep to pink and ivory for the flowers. The bridal bouquet was a mix of roses, sweet avalanche, dark pink ‘misty bubbles’ spray rose and avalanche roses. These were given a collar of gypsophila and the larger roses had some twinkle with single diamantes.

Pink and ivory roses with a few diamante in roses and with a gyp collar


The stems were bound with ivory satin ribbon and pinned with more diamante.


Close up of pink and ivory roses and their diamante centres

Brides bouquet of pink and ivory roses and gyp

A mix of pink and ivory roses with gyp collar for a bridesmaid to carry

Pink and ivory bridesmaid posy hand tie

The bridesmaids each carried a similar but smaller version with their stems wrapped in material from the bridesmaid dresses.

If you are wanting to match up with the dresses and are having them made ask your seamstress for off cuts to wrap around the flower stems. I don’t need much and it’s lovely to tie all your colours together.

Light and dark pink and ivory roses with a gyp collar as a hand tie posy for a bridesmaid


Pale and darker pink and ivory roses with a gyp collar in a hand tie for a bridesmaid

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