Pink and ivory wedding flowers at Charlotte House Hotel

Louise had chosen pink and ivory as her colour theme and wanted lilies as her main flower. Looking through my portfolio she came across this style of bouquet and loved it. Keeping it simple with just stargazer lilies, ivory roses with ivy and bear grass.

Stargazer lily with ivory roses, ivy and an added horseshoeClose up of the brides bouquet, lilies and roses

Louise then asked if it would be possible to add in a horseshoe? She had had two shoes off her horse chromed and wanted to add them in somewhere in her flowers. I added one in her bouquet by attaching it to satin ribbon and hanging it amongst the trail of the bouquet.

Close up of the bottom of the bouquet of lily buds, ivory roses and the added horseshoe

The maid of honor was her sister, which I attached the second horseshoe to her bouquet.

This was an overarm design of white calla lilies laid on an aspidistra leaf and bear grass.

White calla lily with aspidistra leaf, bear grass and a horse shoeAn overarm bouquet of white calla lilies, bear grass and aspidistra leaves

This was slightly more difficult to add to as the stems were quite thin but with ribbon and pins I achieved what I was asked to do.

Close up of a horseshoe attached to maid of honor's bouquet

The other 4 bridesmaids each carried a similar overarm design of calla lilies.

White calla lily with bear grass and aspidistra leaves as an overarm bouquet

The 2 flower girls each carried a small wicker basket with pink ribbon covered handle and bows filled with pink and ivory rose petals.

A small basket with pink ribbon handle and bows filled with ivory and pink rose petals

The gentlemen of the wedding party each wore a single ivory rose with gyp and ivy, with a small version for the page boy.

8 ivory rose and gyp buttonholes on delivery/presentation board

The ladies each wore a pink and ivory rose corsage with a sprig of gyp and ivy foliage.

A pink and ivory rose with gyp and ivy corsage5 ladies pink and ivory rose corsages on a delivery/presentation board

The ceremony and reception were held at Charlotte House Hotel where the service was held in the orangery.

I provided the ceremony table display. A mix of pink stargazer lilies, roses, carnations and gerberas with a few ivory roses and srigs of gyp.

Registrars table with a rose tree either side and a long and low centerpiece of a mix of cerise pink flowers

Long and low design which was moved to the top table for the wedding breakfast.

Ceremony table display of a mix of pink lilies, gerberas, roses, carnations with a few ivory roses and sprigs of gyp

The 6 guest tables were each named after the variety of flower used. Louise left it to me but requested pink flowers and only 5 or 6 stems of each flower. The designs were made so the flowers could be kept/given away and the hired vases returned to me.

I used, from left to right

Curcuma – Roses – Gerbera – Carnations -Celosia

Stargazer Lily

Pink curcuma with cordyline leaves and bear grass in a glass cubeCerise roses in a small glass vase with pistachio, ruscus and bear grass foliageCerise gerberas with pistachio foliage and bear grass in a small glass vaseCerise pink carnations with pistachio, ruscus and bear grass foliage in a small glass vaseCerise pink celosia with pistachio and bear grass foliage in a small glass vaseStargazer lilies with bear grass in a glass cube

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