White Hart Hotel Wedding

An overview of the White Hart Hotel's ceremony room with archway and table display ready for the service

White Hart Hotel Ceremony Room

Helen held her ceremony at The White Hart Hotel in Lincoln. The ceremony room is a lovely space, with the overhead dome letting in plenty of light.

Ceremony archway DSCN2820


We framed the ceremony space with a free standing archway covered in organza and with a front garland of foliage and bunches of various types of small daffodils and narcissus.

Bay trees with ivory roses and organza finished off the look.

Ceremony archway DSCN2824


A close up of one side of an archway with foliage and bunches of daffodils and Narcissus


Both single and double narcissus and small daffodils filled the air with scent.

A long and low flower design of a mix of ivory roses, narcissus and small daffodils and yellow narcissus and daffodils

Ceremony table display

The ceremony table was also treated to a long and low display of a mix of ivory roses, narcissus, daffodils and a few sweet peas. This was later transferred to the top table.

A twig nest filled with yellow daffodils as a table centrepiece

The guest tables continued along the spring theme with twig nests filled with gorgeous yellow daffodils.

A table centrepiece of a twig nest filled with yellow daffodils

Daffodil nest

n overview of the White Hart Hotel room for a reception. Daffodil nests as table centrepieces.

White Hart Hotel

The King Richard Suite set up ready for the arrival of the bride and groom.

A view of a table set up for a wedding reception with a daffodil nest as a centrepiece and the wedding cake in the background.

White Hart Hotel

Another table shot this time with the wedding cake as a backdrop by the very talented Daren of No 82 cakes.

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