Which wedding bouquet flowers will you choose? There are styles such as hand-tie posies, teardrop, shower, and cascade or overarm?

Ask me which style will work best with your dress.

Here I help you decide on the style of your wedding bouquet flowers. These will be the creation you will carry on the most important walk of your life. They are not just flowers, these flowers need to bring together and work with your overall style.

You thought long and hard about your dress, shoes, jewellery, hair and make-up but it is your bouquet which is in the forefront. A simple elegant dress can be jazzed up with a larger bouquet and a detailed exquisite dress doesn’t want to be hidden.

Are you a traditional bride or one that follows fashion? Are you loud and proud or delicate and classy? Your flowers should reflect your personality and style as well as your colour scheme.

Wedding bouquet flowers come in a vast range of colours and many popular ones are available most of the year. Or you can stick to those seasonal blooms that are only around for a short time; these do tend to be more scented and add an extra element to your day and can transport you back to your day with their scent in future seasons.