Shower and teardrop bouquets are the more traditional style flowers carried by brides. I am finding they are coming back into fashion as dresses are becoming simpler and less structured.

These bouquets can either be made on a foam holder or have each individual flower wired (these are more expensive as they take more time to create). Any flower can be used and any size can be made length and width, but be careful, although they look stunning they can be quite heavy. The larger ones possibly requiring two hands to hold, so think about walking down the aisle and how many photographs/time you will have immediately after the service.


They can be quite compact with flowers or adding lots of foliage can add length and space to the design.

I can talk you through the flowers that will work best with your style and colour scheme and come up with a bouquet that you will love having in most of your photos.

Remember; It may all be about the dress but you follow the flowers down the aisle