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Elaine from Elsham Hall asked me to contact this bride after her wedding florist wouldn’t use the venues candelabras for the table centerpieces, knowing I would and was happy to, saving the bride from hiring items when there is no need.

The set up was to be all cream and ivory with the features being lace and pearls. The candelabras are covered in lights with pearls attached around the wire and the chairs were covered with lace hoods.

The top table was to be a long and low of a mix of foliage but all ivory roses and gyp with lengths of  lace and pearls entwined through the design.

Ivory roses with foliage and lace and pearls entwined through design

The 10 guest tables carried this theme through with an ivory rose and gyp display on the candelabras with lace loops in the design.

Lace and pearl set upIvory roses with gypIvory roses with lace and pearls on a cream candelabra


I have many candelabras, vases and bowls to hire but should you wish to use your venues pieces please get in touch to see how I can help you.

Elsham Hall is one of the venues where I am a preferred supplier. Over the years I have set up many wedding receptions with flower displays and each time it looks completely different.

With a venue like Elsham Hall and a team headed by Elaine this blank canvas barn can be transformed into your unique wedding style. Flowers, I feel, make a huge difference to the look and style at any venue and help bring together all those other details you have sourced from far and wide and are now spread out across the space. Scent is an added bonus with fresh flowers and will in future years transform you back to that once in a lifetime special day. Many blooms, especially seasonal ones, are packed with scent adding another dimension to your wedding. Colour also helps define your style, be it bright and bold or pastels and romance. But each style feels at home in this barn.

Here are a few of the reception set ups I have provided fresh flowers for, most using candelabras or vases provided by Elaine out of her immense collection.


Elsham Hall with purple, pink and cream displaysStocks, roses and eustoma with foliage in Wellington bootsElsham Hall table displays of Wellington bootsTop table design in pinks, purples and creamsPink purple and cream urn pedestalCath Kidston inspired receptionPeach and cream ceremony table displayConical vase flower display with added kitesCoral and ivory archwayGreen and white ceremony table displayCup cake tower and flowersFlower archway and ceremony table display

Top table design of roses, orchids and blossomBlack bird cage lanternElsham Hall

Hot air balloon table displaysVintage bottles and flowersSmall bottle displays with flowersTable displays of rosesTop table vases of rosesReception flowers at Elsham HallWhite ceremony table designBlue and white set up at Elsham HallPink, cerise and peach garden rose display

Pink and ivory flower displays at Elsham HallPink and ivory ceremony table designCream candelabras with pinks and ivory flowers


If you have decided on this lovely venue for your wedding and would like to discuss fresh flowers, please get in touch via the form on the contact page or ask Elaine for my details.