Helen’s decided to use spring in her favour and used all seasonal flowers – A lovely mix of narcissus and daffodils with a few white roses.
The brides bouquet was a traditional teardrop shape with the white roses and an assortment of white, cream and pale yellow narcissus and small daffodils.

A brides teardrop with white roses and assortment of yellow and white narcissus

Rose and Narcissus teardrop

Not wanting any foliage this was a tightly packed flower design and the narcissus gave off a lovely scent.

A close up of Narcissus in a brides teardrop bouquet

Yellow and white Narcissus

All the bridesmaids carried a hand tie posy of bright yellow daffodils. As these are sappy flowers the stems had to be completely bound up with ribbon and Helen decided to continue the yellow theme.

A tightly packed posy of bright yellow daffodils with yellow ribbon around the stems

Bridesmaid posy

There were 5 bridesmaids and here are there flowers all ready for delivery.

5 bridesmaids posies of daffodils in a delivery box

Bridesmaids bouquets

All the men were given a yellow daffodil buttonhole with a sprig of asparagus sprengeri foliage.

A single yellow daffodil with asparagus sprengeri as a buttonhole

Daffodil buttonhole

The page boy kept the daffodil theme but had two small sol d’or with foliage.

Two small sol d'or daffodils with asparagus fern as a page boys buttonhole

Page boy buttonhole

The mum’s each wore a lapel corsage of a mix of narcissus from the bridal bouquet.

Mum's corsage of yellow narcissus


Rosea’s wedding reception was held at the gorgeous Hemswell Court, Lincolnshire. This is a stunning venue with lovely rooms and grounds for photo opportunities.
Receptions are generally held in The Primrose room and this was no exception.

The top table here is a large oval table giving plenty of room for all.

A long and low flower design in an assortment of white and ivory flowers on a table set for the bride and groom and party

The table design that works best is a long and low and we followed on with Rosea’s white and ivory scheme including all from flowers from her bouquet.

A close up of the long and low design for the wedding top table showing roses and white lilac

Top table flowers

Roses, Stocks, Phalaenopsis orchids, white lilac and bouvardia with various foliage.

A long and low table design from one end featuring white stocks, phalaenopsis orchids, roses and lilac

Top table display

The guest tables each had a white candelabra and I added 3 white roses laid out around the base, in keeping with the simple and elegant look.

White candelabra with 3 white roses laid at the base with plates and cutlery

Guest Table centerpiece

Table roses

Table roses

3 white roses laid at the base of a candelabra.


The Primrose room looks stunning when dressed and here it is awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom and all their guests.

Wedding reception set up at Hemswell Court In white and ivory with candelabras on tables

Hemswell Court

Hemswell Court DSCN2746

Wedding breakfast set up at Hemswell Court.

Primrose Room

Hemswell Court's Primrose room set and dressed for a wedding reception

I also provided ‘Thank you’ flowers to be given during the speeches. These were to be slightly brighter without adding any further colours.

A gift hand tie design with green chrysants, cream gerberas, ivory roses and stocks with large dark leaves looped as a collar

Thank you hand tie

Rosea’s wedding flowers were to be kept neutral in colour but elegant at the same time.  We chose an assortment of classic and seasonal flowers (April) with roses (spray and bloom), Phalaenopsis orchids, lilac, stocks, calla lilies with asparagus fern.

A traditional shower bouquet in whites and ivories with calla lily, orchids, roses, stocks and lilac

White Shower Bouquet

This bouquet is in my top 5 from last year, look stunning and the scent was gorgeous.

The shower part of a bridal bouquet showing phalaenopsis orchids , stocks, lilac and roses


Close up of the array of flowers in both the ‘shower’ part above and ‘posy’ part below. One colour in varying shades needn’t be bland, using different sizes and shapes gives interest to the design.
A close up of a brides bouquet to show rose detail

The bridesmaids each carried a hand tied posy of a small selection of the same flowers and foliage.

A hand tie design for a bridesmaid in ivory and white orchids, roses, lilac, calla lilies, stocks and fern

White and Ivory bridesmaid bouquet

The stems were bound together with ivory satin ribbon

A hand tied bouquet for a bridesmaid with white orchids, stocks, lilac and roses with fern

Bridesmaid hand tie bouquet

The flower girls each carried a silver heart shaped wand with a single ivory rose, asparagus fern and ivory ribbon trails.

A silver heart shaped wand with a single bloom rose with asparagus fern and ribbon trails

Silver Flower girl wand

I also provided buttonholes but these got missed for the photos.


I am very fortunate to provide the Lincoln Mayor with flower designs for various functions through the year. This was one of those occasions the annual fund raising event last year. Held at the County Assembly Rooms this was to be a spring ball supporting the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Orange tulips yellow and white daffodils in a twig nest

Tulips and Daffodils

The tabeles were dressed in bright spring colours and I was asked to provide some suitable table centrepieces for the event.

White tulips and white and yellow daffodils in a twig nest

I came up with a design of a twig like nest filled with an assortment of spring flowers.

White tulips and white and yellow daffodils in a twig nest on a table centre

Some had orange tulips some white ones but all had an assortment of yellow daffodils and white Narcissus.

Orange tulips with yellow daffodils in a nest type container

Easter display DSCN2687

Orange tulips, yellow and white daffodils in a twig nest

Tulips and Daffodils

3 x White tulips and white and yellow daffodils in a twig nest

3 Easter displays

White tulips and white and yellow daffodils arranged in a twig nest

Tulips and daffodils

The taller displays were for the top table and were to be raffled off after the event to help raise money.

A display of spring flowers, daffodils, ranunculus, tulips and gyp in a twig nest

Spring Display

The County Assembly rooms all set up for the fun to start.

Tables set up with easter nest type displays with orange, yellow and green serviettes

Assembly Rooms, Lincoln

The wedding reception was held at The Bentley Hotel, Lincoln in The Crystal Suite.
The top table display was a long and low kept very simple with white and pale pink tulips and genista.

Top table long and low design of pink and white tulips

Top table tulips

The top table all set up with the tulip display.

The Bentley Hotel top table set up with tulip long and low display

Bentley Hotel top table

Each guest table had a vase of tulips, genista and fern. Each posy was ribboned up to be given away as gifts after the wedding.

A guest table vase display of tulips on a mirror

Vase display of tulips

Guest table tulip display with top table in the background

Tulips centerpiece

Tulip vase display on a mirror with tea lights

The Bentley Hotel

The Bentley Hotel wedding set up in The Crystal suite all ready for the happy couple and their guests.

Reception room set up with 5 tables and top table

The Bentley Hotel

From the bride and groom’s perspective.

View of the Bentley Hotel reception room from bride and groom's perspective

Bride and Groom’s view

Julia’s wedding was an intimate affair at The Bentley Hotel last February. Wanting to keep the flowers simple and seasonal she chose tulips. Her colour’s of white and pale pink suit tulips perfectly.
The bridal bouquet was a hand tied design of the two colours with pitto foliage as a small collar.

Pale pink and white tulip bridal hand tie

Tulip brides bouquet

The stems were bound in a bridal white ribbon with a bow.

Pale pink and white tulip bridal hand tie side view

Pink and white tulips

The men all wore a double white tulip buttonhole with pitto and tree fern foliage.

2 white tulips with fern and foliage buttonhole

Tulip buttonhole

The mum’s wore a corsage of three white tulips, pitto and fern and small sprigs of genista.

3 white tulips with fern and foliage and genista as a corsage

Tulip corsage