White and Ivory bridal flowers

Rosea’s wedding flowers were to be kept neutral in colour but elegant at the same time.  We chose an assortment of classic and seasonal flowers (April) with roses (spray and bloom), Phalaenopsis orchids, lilac, stocks, calla lilies with asparagus fern.

A traditional shower bouquet in whites and ivories with calla lily, orchids, roses, stocks and lilac

White Shower Bouquet

This bouquet is in my top 5 from last year, look stunning and the scent was gorgeous.

The shower part of a bridal bouquet showing phalaenopsis orchids , stocks, lilac and roses


Close up of the array of flowers in both the ‘shower’ part above and ‘posy’ part below. One colour in varying shades needn’t be bland, using different sizes and shapes gives interest to the design.
A close up of a brides bouquet to show rose detail

The bridesmaids each carried a hand tied posy of a small selection of the same flowers and foliage.

A hand tie design for a bridesmaid in ivory and white orchids, roses, lilac, calla lilies, stocks and fern

White and Ivory bridesmaid bouquet

The stems were bound together with ivory satin ribbon

A hand tied bouquet for a bridesmaid with white orchids, stocks, lilac and roses with fern

Bridesmaid hand tie bouquet

The flower girls each carried a silver heart shaped wand with a single ivory rose, asparagus fern and ivory ribbon trails.

A silver heart shaped wand with a single bloom rose with asparagus fern and ribbon trails

Silver Flower girl wand

I also provided buttonholes but these got missed for the photos.


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