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Vicky came to me through a recommendation from another supplier with about 8 weeks to go to her wedding. Travelling with work outside the UK for much of this time made meeting up tricky but we managed a brief meeting before everything else was sorted through email.

The style and colours were already chosen, a vintage feel with a very pale pink and ivory theme. The wedding was at a family members home with an outside ceremony and marquee wedding breakfast. (These will be tomorrow’s blog post)

The bride carried a hand tied bouquet of Quicksand (blush pink) with Naomi (ivory) roses and pale pink Astilbe and sprigs of Rosemary. The stems were bound with ivory lace from the wedding dress.

Roses and astilbe bridal hand tie bouquet with Rosemary foliageBlush pink and ivory bride's bouquetRoses, Astilbe and herb bouquet

The 5 bridesmaids each carried a smaller version of the brides’s bouquet.

Blush pink and ivory rosesBridesmaid bouquet with lace around stems

The two flower girls both carried a smaller version of the bridesmaids.

Small bouquet for a flower girlFlower girl roses

All members of the bridal party including the groom each wore a single Quicksand rose with a sprig of Rosemary.

Blush pink rose with Rosemary buttonhole


All these designs are very simple yet fit the vintage styling and colouring perfectly.

Chloe came to me from a recommendation from Elaine at Elsham Hall where her wedding ceremony was being held.

She knew exactly what she wanted in her bouquet, sunflowers, but wasn’t sure if this was possible due to their size. Sunflowers can be quite big and have large stems but with mixing them with gyp and only having a few in the bouquet (6) this minimizes the issues. The stems were wrapped with hessian to add to the natural style of the bouquet.

Sunflower and gyp bridal bouquetYellow sunflowers and gyp

Chloe also asked me if a flower crown in gyp was possible but she wanted to be able to attach her veil to it. For this she wanted a 4″ gap to allow a quick bit of sowing on the wedding morning. I attached a few small wire hoops to allow the crown to be pinned into the hair and left the gap. I am assured it worked perfectly.

Gypsophila 3/4 flower crownGypsophila flower crown


The three bridesmaids each carried a smaller sunflower and gyp bouquet with hessian around the stems.

Bridesmaid bouquet of sunflowers and gypSunflower and gyp bouquet


The groomsmen each wore a small buttonhole of gyp tied with twine.

Gypsophila buttonhole tied with twine

Rachel came to me through a package deal but wanted to change the flowers and colour to her choice of sunflowers. With the wedding being in the main sunflower time of year this was achievable.

The bride’s bouquet was a mix of yellow sunflowers, small sunflower like santini chrysants and soli with green hypericum berries and pistachio foliage to blend in. The stems were bound with twine to continue the rustic feel of the wedding.

Sunflowers, sol, santini chrysants and green hypericum berries in a brides hand tie bouquetSunflowers, santini chrysants and sol with green berries and foliage with stems bound in twineSunny sunflowers

The 3 bridesmaids carried a small version with sunflowers and santini with pistachio foliage. The stems again being wrapped in twine.

Bridesmaid bouquet of sunflowers and santini chrysantsYellow bridesmaid bouquet with stems bound in twine

The flower girl wore a flower crown of santini chrysants, soli and berries to match in with the bride. She also carried a small basket of rose petals.

Hair crown in yellow and greenSantini chrysants, sol and green berry hair crown


The page boy was the ring bearer and carried the rings on a sunflower head. These were attached to loops pinned into the head for security.

Sunflower with ribbon loops for attaching the wedding rings


The groomsmen each wore a small sunflower as a buttonhole with the stems bound with twine and the ladies wore a corsage. A single sunflower head with berries soli and santini with foliage.

Sunflower buttonhole with twine around stemSunflower corsage

Kim’s mum has been a long standing customer and so when her daughter wanted wedding flowers they approached me to see if I could help. Kim chose this design out of my portfolio, it matched her colour theme and she loved the flower mix. Memory Lane roses, purple eustoma, lilac freesia and ivory roses and gyp all presented with a silver wire collar and the stems wrapped in purple satin ribbon.

Brides bouquet of purple eustoma, lilac freesia and roses, ivory roses and gyp surrounded by a silver wire collarBrides bouquet of purple, lilac and ivory flowers in a silver wire collarGorgeous memory lane and ivory roses, lilac freesia and purple eustoma

The matron of honour carried a Carmen ivory rose bouquet with ruscus foliage.

Layers of ivory rose petals as one large bloomCarmen rose bouquet


The two flower girls each had an ‘Alice band’ of fresh ivory spray roses, gyp and hydrangea florets with ivy leaves.

Half flower crown of ivory spray roses and gypHair design for a flower girl of spray roses and gyp


The ladies each had a lapel corsage of an ivory rose, spray roses, gyp and stallion chrysants and foliage.

Ladies corsages of ivory rose, spray rose, stallion chrysants and gypLapel rose corsage


The men all wore an artificial buttonhole of a purple thistle, eustoma flower and gyp sprigs.



Ladies corsages and men's buttonholes


For the venue, The Pride Of Lincoln, I provided the top table display, sorry no photo, and this lovely archway for the cake table. This was decorated with organza and had a ruscus garland with lilac and ivory roses and bunches of gyp tied around the front arch.

Archway of ruscus, gyp and roses over the cake table

Laura and her mum came to me from a recommendation from a previous bride.

The colour was aubergine which in flowers was hard to match up so we brought in a range of lilacs and purples to compliment instead.

Laura’s bridal bouquet was a fabulous mix of flowers in a loose cascading design and included calla lily, memory lane roses, purple dendrobium orchids, white cymbidium orchids, white hydrangea and a mix of foliage.

Brides bouquet in aubergine, lilac and ivoryBrides bouquet of calla lily, roses, orchids and hydrangea


The 13 (yes 13!) adult bridesmaids each carried a hand tie posy of memory lane and avalanche roses with gypsophila and pistachio foliage. The stems were bound in ivory ribbon.

Lilac and ivory with gyp bridesmaid posyMemory Lane and Avalanche roses with gyp and Pistachio foliage


The 3 flower girls each carried a single memory lane rose with its stem bound in ivory ribbon and a cute little single orchid flower was tied around their wrists.

Lilac roses with stems wrapped in ribbon for flower girls to carryA single dendrobium orchid on a ribbon for the flower girls wrists


The groomsmen each wore a single ivory rose buttonhole while the 2 pageboys wore a single dendrobium orchid flower with pitto leaves.

Ivory rose buttonholes Pageboy buttonhole of a dendrobium orchid and foliage


The mum’s wore a lapel corsage, one with small ivory roses and purple dendrobium orchids and gyp the other with a green cymbidium orchid with green hydrangea florets and ivory roses.

Corsage of roses and dendrobium orchidsCorsage of a cymbidium orchid, roses and hydrangea florets

Emily contacted me to talk about the 5o’s inspired wedding she was planning. She wanted the flowers to tie in with the three different coloured dresses the bridesmaids were wearing. The brides bouquet was to be a mix of coloured flowers while the bridesmaids were to be neutral.

I came up with coral peonies, raspberry roses and blue/purple hydrangea with lavender with sprigs of asparagus fern. The stems were wrapped in pale blue ribbon with white polka dots to match the underskirt of the brides dress.

Brides hand tie posy in lavender, blue, raspberry and coralClose up of the bouquet of peony, roses, hydrangea and lavenderBrides hand tie posy of roses, peonies, hydrangea and lavender with blue and white spotted ribbon

The three bridesmaids each carried a simple bouquet of gyp with the stems bound in the pale blue and white spotted ribbon.

The flower girl wore a small wrist corsage of hydrangea florets and gyp attached to the same ribbon for tying on her wrist.

Bridesmaid bouquet of gypsophilaGyp bridesmaid bouquet with blue and white spotted ribbonFlower girl wrist corsage of hydrangea florets and gyp on blue and white spotted ribbon

The groom wore a raspberry rose buttonhole with asparagus fern.

The mum’s wore a lapel corsage of flowers from the bridal bouquet. (The green outer guard petals on the peony were removed on delivery. These stop the flowers blooming as quickly)

Cerise pink rose buttonhole with asparagus fernLapel corsage of a peonies, roses, hydrangea and gyp

The groomsmen each wore a small gyp boutonniere with a small bow of the bridal ribbon.

Gyp buttonhole with blue and white spotted ribbon bowButtonhole of gypsophila

The ceremony was held at St Paul The Apostle Church at Ashby, Scunthorpe. The pew ends here were treated to bunches of gyp and lavender tied with a bow of the bridal ribbon on opposite and alternate pews.

Gyp and lavender pew endPew end flower display of gyp and lavenderPew end gyp lavender DSCN3219Gyp pew ends down the aisle at St Paul's Chuch AshbyChurch aisle with gyp and lavender pew ends


Emily’s mum very kindly sent me this photo of the happy couple.

Real wedding couple Emily and husband with her bouquet


Diane asked for gerberas for her wedding flowers, which are probably the second most popular flower I use after roses.

This was to be a lovely bright mix in Orange, cerise pink and burgundy blooms.

Diane’s bouquet was a hand tie posy of orange and cerise pink gerberas with burgundy spray roses. A subtle collar of salal foliage gave some support to the gerberas and the sems were bound with burgundy ribbon and held with pink pins.

Bridal posy in Burgundy Orange and PinkBrides bouquet of mixed gerberas and burgundy spray rosesBride's bouquet of orange and pink gerberas with burgundy spray roses

The bridesmaids carried a similar style bouquet but with all gerberas, orange, cerise pink and burgundy. The stems again bound with burgundy ribbon and held with pink pins.

Bridesmaid hand tie posy of burgundy, orange and pink gerberasMixed gerberas with salal collar and stems bound in burgundy ribbon

The two flower girls carried a simple posy of 1 of each gerberas with matching ribbon.

a burgundy, orange and pink gerbera for a flower girl to hold3 gerberas with salal leaves with stems bound in burgundy ribbon

All the groomsmen wore a buttonhole pf burgundy spray roses and salal leaves.

Burgundy spray rose buttonhole7 spray rose buttonholes on a presentation board

Kirsty’s wedding was a gorgeous rustic affair at The Barn at Elsham Hall. I was asked to provide the bridal party flowers and thank you bouquets.

The colours were to be quite autumnal despite getting married in June (2014).

For Kirsty’s hand tied posy bouquet I included brown roses, deep orange roses.brown germini, Skimmia berries and foliage and gyp along with corn, various grasses and natural ting ting.

Brides hand tie of rustic browns and orange roses, gerberas and berries with ting ting, corn and grassesClose up of the orange and brown roses

As Kirsty had had her wedding dress made we used off cuts of the material to wrap around the bouquet stems.

A bride's bouquet in orange and brown roses, germini, gyp, berries, grasses and cornBouquet stems wrapped in brides dress off cuts

The two bridesmaids had a similar style bouquet but with brown and cream flowers, so the orange roses were swapped for cream ones.

The stems were bound in twine to tie in with the rustic feel.

Rustic style bridesmaid bouquet in browns and creamsBridesmaid bouquet in a mix of brown and cream roses, germini, gyp, berries corn and grassesBridesmaids bouquet in brown and cream with twine covered stems

The Flower girl carried a gold star wand decorated with a brown rose, grasses and berries with twine bow and trails.

Gold star wand with brown rose, berries and grasses with twine trailsOrange rose with grasses and berries as a buttonholeA single orange rose buttonhole with berries and grasses and stems covered in twine

The groomsmen wore gorgeous buttonholes (above) of a single orange rose, skimmia berries and grasses. The stems were bound to match the bridesmaids bouquets with twine.

The ladies each had a corsage to attach to their hand bags of germini, skimmia berries, gyp and grasses and corn.

Corn, grasses and germini handbag corsage2 germinis with gyp, berries, corn and grasses to attach to a handbagThank you hand ties in oranges and browns


The 5 thank you’s were all hand tie arrangements in bubbles of water for freshness. These were a mix of the wedding flowers with a few extras and were presented in orange boxes with brown bows.

Framed preserved wedding bouquet

Kirsty had her bouquet preserved after her wedding and was kind enough to send me a photo. This was sent away to Precious Petals. For more information click on the link.

Vicky initially met me at The Bailgate wedding faye where it was lovely to chat to her about her upcoming wedding being held in The Judge’s Lodgings where I had my stand.

Vicky’s colour scheme was ivory and light blue and she wanted to incorporate these colours in to her flowers at the end of June (2014)

Bride's hand tie posy of gerberas, Nigella and gyp

She liked Gerberas and we teamed these up with lovely light blue Nigella and gyp. As the Nigella has quite a bit of foliage nothing else was added to the bouquets except diamante.

Bride's Hand tie bouquet in blue Nigella and ivory gerbera and gyp

A handful of diamante were added to the centre of each gerbera .

Close up of the diamante gerbera centres with Nigella and gyp

The stems were wrapped in an aspidistra leaf and over bound with ivory shoelace ribbon to hold.

Close up of the bouquet stems wrapped with a leaf and over bound with shoelace ribbon

The two bridesmaids each carried a similar but smaller version but without the diamante.

Bridesmaids Hand tie bouquet of ivory gerberas and blue Nigella with gypBridesmaids hand tie bouquet of gerbera, Nigella and gyp

The gentlemen each wore a gerbera buttonhole with a couple of blue Nigella flowers and ruscus leaves.

Gentleman's buttonhole of a gerbera and nigella flowersGerbera and Nigella buttonhole

The two mum’s were each given a simple lapel corsage:

One with blue Nigella and pink freesia,

Lapel corsage of an ivory gerbera, blue nigella and pink freesia

The other with purple freesia.

Lapel corsage of an ivory gerbera and purple freesia

Emma and her mum met me at a wedding fayre I had attended at Belton House and booked a consultation with me.

Emma had quite clear ideas on what she wanted but was open to ideas from my portfolio and which flowers would work best with her colour scheme.

She wanted a shower bouquet and loved a design I had previously made of roses, sweet peas and eustoma.  Was this possible in her plum, pink and ivory colour scheme, yes!!

These roses are called Blueberry and are a stunning colour, teamed with pale pink sweet peas and the ivory eustoma and it really shows the colour up. Bear grass adds to the volume and length of the design without adding to the weight.

Shower bouquet of roses, Sweet peas and eustoma

Emma’s three bridesmaids carried a hand tie design in the same flowers and colours as the bridal bouquet with added thalaspi foliage.

A hand tie bridesmaid bouquet of roses, sweet peas and eustomaA hand tie bouquet for a bridesmaid

The flower girl carried a smaller version of the bridesmaids.

A hand tie bouquet of pink sweet peas, blueberry roses and ivory eustoma with thalaspi and bear grass

The ladies of the bridal party were each given a small corsage to wear on their lapels.

A single ivory rose with eustoma and foliageMother of the Groom corsageA Blueberry rose withmatching carnation and rolled rose petalsMother of Bride corsage


The men all wore a single ivory rose with foliage.


Delivery presentation board with all buttonholes