Sunflower and Gyp bridal party flowers

Chloe came to me from a recommendation from Elaine at Elsham Hall where her wedding ceremony was being held.

She knew exactly what she wanted in her bouquet, sunflowers, but wasn’t sure if this was possible due to their size. Sunflowers can be quite big and have large stems but with mixing them with gyp and only having a few in the bouquet (6) this minimizes the issues. The stems were wrapped with hessian to add to the natural style of the bouquet.

Sunflower and gyp bridal bouquetYellow sunflowers and gyp

Chloe also asked me if a flower crown in gyp was possible but she wanted to be able to attach her veil to it. For this she wanted a 4″ gap to allow a quick bit of sowing on the wedding morning. I attached a few small wire hoops to allow the crown to be pinned into the hair and left the gap. I am assured it worked perfectly.

Gypsophila 3/4 flower crownGypsophila flower crown


The three bridesmaids each carried a smaller sunflower and gyp bouquet with hessian around the stems.

Bridesmaid bouquet of sunflowers and gypSunflower and gyp bouquet


The groomsmen each wore a small buttonhole of gyp tied with twine.

Gypsophila buttonhole tied with twine

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