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Chloe came to me from a recommendation from Elaine at Elsham Hall where her wedding ceremony was being held.

She knew exactly what she wanted in her bouquet, sunflowers, but wasn’t sure if this was possible due to their size. Sunflowers can be quite big and have large stems but with mixing them with gyp and only having a few in the bouquet (6) this minimizes the issues. The stems were wrapped with hessian to add to the natural style of the bouquet.

Sunflower and gyp bridal bouquetYellow sunflowers and gyp

Chloe also asked me if a flower crown in gyp was possible but she wanted to be able to attach her veil to it. For this she wanted a 4″ gap to allow a quick bit of sowing on the wedding morning. I attached a few small wire hoops to allow the crown to be pinned into the hair and left the gap. I am assured it worked perfectly.

Gypsophila 3/4 flower crownGypsophila flower crown


The three bridesmaids each carried a smaller sunflower and gyp bouquet with hessian around the stems.

Bridesmaid bouquet of sunflowers and gypSunflower and gyp bouquet


The groomsmen each wore a small buttonhole of gyp tied with twine.

Gypsophila buttonhole tied with twine

Rachel’s sunflower theme continued into her reception venue of The County Assembly Rooms.

The top table was decorated with a long and low design of sunflowers, roses, santini, soli and mixed foliage.

Sunflowers, roses, soli, santini with various foliage for the top table

The top table is positioned in front of the ‘lady’  and the mantelpiece looks lovely with matching asymmetric designs either side, these used the same flowers as the top table.

Sunflowers, roses, soli, santini and berries for half of a mantelpiece designYellow and green asymmetric design


The cake was given a lovely sunny topper of a corsage spray which trailed over the first tier and two single sunflowers adorned the bottom tier.

Corsage design to trail down from the top tierSingle sunflowers and foliage for the base of the cake


I provided 4 bay trees dressed with a dark blue base and ribbon stem and these then had sunflowers decorating the ‘tree’ part. Thank you flowers were also given. These were hand ties in water, to keep fresh all day, and were in the wedding flowers and colours.

Blue and yellow bay tree with sunflowersSunflowers in bay tree, to hireYellow and blue thank you hand tie


Rachel very kindly sent me the first image from her wedding and the next was sent via The County Assembly rooms so you can see the venue set up.

The tables each had a 50cm cocktail vase with a posy of sunflowers, santini and soli with foliage.

Real bride Rachel and her flowersMartini vases with sunflowers at The County Assembly Rooms

Rachel came to me through a package deal but wanted to change the flowers and colour to her choice of sunflowers. With the wedding being in the main sunflower time of year this was achievable.

The bride’s bouquet was a mix of yellow sunflowers, small sunflower like santini chrysants and soli with green hypericum berries and pistachio foliage to blend in. The stems were bound with twine to continue the rustic feel of the wedding.

Sunflowers, sol, santini chrysants and green hypericum berries in a brides hand tie bouquetSunflowers, santini chrysants and sol with green berries and foliage with stems bound in twineSunny sunflowers

The 3 bridesmaids carried a small version with sunflowers and santini with pistachio foliage. The stems again being wrapped in twine.

Bridesmaid bouquet of sunflowers and santini chrysantsYellow bridesmaid bouquet with stems bound in twine

The flower girl wore a flower crown of santini chrysants, soli and berries to match in with the bride. She also carried a small basket of rose petals.

Hair crown in yellow and greenSantini chrysants, sol and green berry hair crown


The page boy was the ring bearer and carried the rings on a sunflower head. These were attached to loops pinned into the head for security.

Sunflower with ribbon loops for attaching the wedding rings


The groomsmen each wore a small sunflower as a buttonhole with the stems bound with twine and the ladies wore a corsage. A single sunflower head with berries soli and santini with foliage.

Sunflower buttonhole with twine around stemSunflower corsage